C4a [Importance of Tags]

It is important to use categories becasue it can help people navigate what they want to find.  They can figure out what they are looking for and then and narrow it down by category.  Tags can also be very important.  Tags are used on websites such as Facebook.  If you write a new status about someone, you can tag them.  It then notifies them that they were tagged in a post.  You can also do this with pictures.

I was not and still am unsure of what geotagging is.  So I went inot Google and searched geotagging.  I then went to the Wikipedia definition.  What I got from it was geotagging is just adding geographical information to various media items.  Some of these items may include photographs, videos, and websites.  Adding this can consist of latitude and longitude lines.  To find out more; click on this: Wikipedia

While making the categories for my posts, I thought of what they were about.  Mainly, all my posts are for the world wide blog challenges.   So I made my categories by what weekly challenge they were in.  Such as Challenge 1, Challenge 2, and so on.  Challenge4

One thought on “C4a [Importance of Tags]

  1. Mikaela,
    With your categories, I would just have one called blogging challenge or challenge March 2011. That way your teacher or I could just click on that category and up would come all the posts you wrote for the challenge.

    Using the categories you have now, we would only get one post for each category.

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