C8 [My Favorite]

My favorite food in the whole wide worl is ice-cream!  There are so many flavors to choose from and it tastes delicious.  My favorite kind of ice-cream is from Cold Stone Creamery.  They have a lot of different flavors to choose from and tastes really good.  The only bad part is that it’s kind of expensive and there are no stores around here:( .  Cold Stone also makes jelly beans, which is another of my favorite foods.  Jelly Belly has Cold Stone Creamery jelly beans so that is like heaven! Although there are so many flavors to choose from… My favorite is Moose Tracks.  If there is no ice-cream at my house, its not a happy house :).  Challenge8

C7 [People Migration]

My family has not always lived where we live now.  From when I was born until I was two years old, I lived at my grandma and grandpa’s house.  I lived there with my mom because my real dad left her and me.  Then she married the dad I have now, and we moved to Madison.  We lived there for about two years.  We had an apartment, but it wasn’t very nice.  We then bought the house that we live in now.  My mom, dad, brother and I all live here.  Out of all the places, I like where I am now the best.  The oldest person in my family that is still alive; my great grandma; has always lived where she is now.  I know that my nationality is Polish, so I assume I have some family that long ago lived in Poland.  Otherwise, my family has stayed in pretty much the same place.  Challenge7