C10 [Evaluation]

Registration – For myself, two weeks in advance is ddefinitely early enough.  I don’t know what you would do if there was a longer period of time.

Subscription – I did not suscribe.  I didn’t suscribe because I do not check my e-mail very often so the e-mails wouldn’t have been helpful to me anyways.

The Challenges – Our teacher would have a post of the challenge on the class blog.  I would visit that but also the challenge blog.  Our teacher put the directions into simple form.  I owuld visit the challenge page to get more detils and information.  I think the most helpful challenges were the “Heads and Feet” because you learned to make an Animoto video and look up your internet history about yourself.  Also, the “Image Search” challenge because you leanred how to add pictures to stuff with out getting in trouble.  For me, the most interesting challenge was “Heads and Feet” because I liked searching my name to find out what is out there about me.  I enjoyed looking at the “Visit These” posts because they helped you improve your blog and helped you get through the challenges if you were stuck.  Challenge10

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