The Audit of My Blog

I have a total of 43 posts in my Blog, this being my 44th. All of my posts were school based. None of them were made on my own time of personal interest. Most of them were all for the Blog Challenge. I have a total of 23 comments. Most were from classmates of mine, my teacher, or Miss W. The posts I most enjoyed writing were the posts of free choice. I would write about my interests which made it a little more fun to do. I did change my Blog themes quite a few times. I changed them because I just got kinda sick of the same one all the time. Some I did not like, therefore I changed them right away. Others I liked and used for a while. I think it would be cool if you could create your own theme! I have a total of 12 widgets. I think this is just the right amount. All of my widgets I think are helpful to the visitors on my page. The ones I left out I felt were not important. In my blogroll, I have no oversea students. All of the people on there are my friends and the teacher. I don’t think I added any oversea students because well I don’t really know them! I guess I could’ve added them and I would’ve gotten to know them better.

Asking a Classmate these questions… I got these responses:
“What were your first impressions of my blog?”
Answer: “Its cool and you have a lot of widgets.”
“What captured your attention?”
Answer: “The videos.”
“What distracted you on the blog?”
Answer: “All of the widgets.”
“What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?”
Answer: “Add links and some more interesting titles.”
Thank you Cortney for answering these questions!

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